Thursday, October 20, 2005

Catching up on the rest of the week...

Just a quick summary of the week since I've been back...Monday we went back to Roussillon for some sketching. That evening, we watched a bunch of Chuck Jones Looney Toons shorts. Tuesday, can't remember what we did for animation class. In the Treasures of Provence class, the remaining students who hadn't given their presentations for Paris yet, did so, then because of limited time we went to nearby Ménerbes. That night the school showed an excellent French film named Amélie (well, that's the shortened American name.) It rained Tuesday night for the first time in several weeks, only the second time since we've been here (unless you count the very brief shower right as we arrived, which I don't.) Wednesday, due in part to the inclimate weather but mostly because we had no vans available, we stayed in Lacoste. That night Dr. Williams gave a lecture on the development of the Virtual Historic Savannah Project, a project which he spearheaded to create a three-dimentional "virtual" model of downtown Savannah for the web. Check it out, it takes a bit of time to load but well worth the wait. And then today, Finn MacEoin, the school's gardener, took us on a "back door" tour of his town of residence, Lourmarin. He had a story to tell about nearly everything we walked by. And that's the whirlwind summary of my week so far.

Tomorrow we head to Aix-en-Provence, lifelong home of Impressionist painter Paul Cézanne. And I won't be coming back with the rest of the group this time; I'm taking a train to Marseilles then a ferry to Corsica to watch the 14th round of the World Rally Championship, the all-asphalt fast-and-furious Rallye de France / Tour de Corse. I've wanted for a long time to catch a World Rally in person, and I'm not going to miss the chance to see it now practically in my back yard, even if only for one of the three days. One day I'll make it to the Rally New Zealand, but for now I'll be cheering them on in Corsica.

A group of Spanish tourists take a photo in front of Roussillon

Charlie and Richmond attempt to puzzle out a solar clock in Roussillon

Ochre cliffs in Roussillon

A door in Roussillon

A group of horseback riders leave their mounts for a stop at a cafe in Roussillon

Weathered sign; Ménerbes

Old Citroen; Ménerbes

Renaissance archway; Ménerbes

Luberon valley, view from Lacoste

Finn MacEoin gives a tour of Lourmarin to the animation students

Children's street graffiti shares the road with an old Citroen; Lourmarin

Animation students walk down the Jewish quarter of Lourmarin

Window; Lourmarin

Chateau de Lourmarin


Memorial statue; Lourmarin

Fountain; Lourmarin

Prof. Larry Lauria shows off his very large baguette; Lourmarin

Notre-Dame de Sénanque Abbey

SCAD students Alison and Michelle take notes at the Abbey de Sénanque

Our tour guide explains something in excruciating detail—in French, of course; Monks' dormitory, Abbey de Sénanque

Cloister, Abbey de Sénanque

Nathan and Dr. Williams take photos in the cloister of Abbey de Sénanque

Abbey de Sénanque

Lavender fields, cypress trees, and hillside forest; Abbey de Sénanque

Lavender fields of the Abbey de Sénanque from above


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