Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Final stretch; Mont Ventoux

We have been working this week on getting ready for our end-of-quarter "exposition" (in the US we would say "exhibition," but in French that means, er, something else that you can get arrested for.) Lots of cleaning, painting, mounting, all that fun stuff. The doctor did not, in fact, explicitly tell me I was dying on Monday, so perhaps there's hope for me that I might yet pull through. He confirmed that it was mostly viral and not much to be done about it, but also a touch of bronchitis, so although he was skeptical at first about giving me some antibiotics he eventually decided to since I will be travelling next week. Anyway I have been feeling better, slowly, so that's good.

Yesterday we had our last outing of the quarter in Treasures of Provence and drove to the top of Mont Ventoux, the highest mountain in southern France or something (don't know where the French Alps fall under that assessment) and is sometimes used as a stage of the Tour de France. Petrarch climbed to the top in 1336 for no other reason than to see the view, considered by many to be the birthdate of mountaineering as a sport. And I actually got to drive one of the vans, since Dr. Williams brought his family and ended up driving his car. Good day for it, lots of nice twisty bits (even if I was in a big boxy van full of passengers instead of my sports wagon.)

Some sort of observatory-type-thingy; Mont Ventoux

I'm on top of Mont Ventoux!

A plethora of twisty roads atop Mont Ventoux

A plethora of twisty roads atop Mont Ventoux

Mountain art; Mont Ventoux

Looking down the main road to the top of Mont Ventoux


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