Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Last night in Lacoste...

Tonight is my last night in Lacoste. We finished up classes yesterday, and I stayed an extra day, just 'cause. Tonight was our "bon voyage" dinner at the Café de Sade, where they served us copious amounts of soupe au pistou (vegetable soup with pesto), a Provencal specialty. It was quite delicious; just ask Drew, who snarfed down no less than 10 bowls (!!!) of it (though he did struggle with that last one.) Anyway, it's been a good quarter, but I'm getting ready to be back settled in at home, but of course I don't fly home for another week. Hey, well, I've got a rail pass, might as well use it now. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I'll be heading to Basel, Switzerland, to spend a short time before heading to Rothenberg and Munich and whatever else I can see in Bavaria. So, see you back in Savannah!


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