Sunday, November 13, 2005


Tonight we just finished up our show of our best artwork from the quarter. Everyone participated, even the architectural history and historic preservation classes, who showed off some of the research and photos of the work they've done this quarter. I even managed to sell some of my artwork, mostly prints but one original drawing as well. That will give me a little spending money while I travel around next week.

Only two days left of classes, then we have a few days more until they kick us off campus. Many of the students are waiting until the last day, Friday, since they let the school make the travel arrangements and are leaving as a group, but I more than likely will be leaving earlier. I was thinking Wednesday originally, but maybe on Thursday instead just to have an extra night of rest (not to mention a free night's stay and meals!) I haven't really finalized where I want to go, just "Switzerland and Germany." I think that given the limited time, and the fact that I will have to change my money to Swiss francs (they are not on the Euro,) I'll probably just pass through on the way to Germany. It's a convenient stopping point for a night, anyway. I plan on seeing some things in Bavaria, like Munich, Röthenberg, and the castles built by "Mad Ludwig" that inspired Cinderella's castle in Walt Disney Land. So we'll see how things turn out.

Nothing much else to show, so enjoy a few pictures of Lacoste...

An abandoned door in Lacoste

Looking down the hill from just outside the entrance to studio two (the animation studio, this quarter), Lacoste

Looking down Rue St. Trophime (I think that's the name), Lacoste


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